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A House Caption Contest Community.
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This community was created so that you, the fans, could make the cast of House MD, say whatever you wanted them to say. Come on, you know
you want to. :P

Every Wednesday we will post a new contest. Voting will start on Saturday, end at midnight on Monday, and winners will be posted on Tuesday.

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1.) NO FLAMING. Do NOT make fun of other people's efforts, no matter how
absurd you think them. Any person who creates an issue will be banned

2.) Please limit your entries to one per person.

3.) Entries can be any ship and any rating.

4.) PLEASE DO NOT POST UNLESS YOU ARE A MOD. There is no need for you to
post with questions, just put your question in comment form on one of
our posts.

5.) All comments will be screened. Names of those whose captions win will
be revealed. Winners will also recieve custom banners.